Plugable USB3 issues with WD Green Drives

I initially used my USB3-SATA-U3 with a Toshiba 2TB HDD and it worked great. However, I had since bought a 3TB WD Green drive which resulted with a problem. During any write activity to the Plugable results over a few minutes (~5) it just stops and freezes up. To make sure I didn’t get a bad 3TB drive, I swapped it with the 2TB WD Green drive which was inside my PC. This proved the 3TB works perfectly but the issue now happens with the 2TB I just pulled out. I had hoped the issue was just with the 3TB but not the case.
On a good note, there’s been no such issue with the Toshiba 2TB drive I have. Just not happy that the plugable doesn’t work with the more mainstream hard drives!
Please help.

My specs are - connected using the USB 3.0 and running Windows 8.1 on an AMD-10 machine with 12GB RAM. Also, I have been in corporate IT so I am proficient with working on PCs. Thanks.


Sorry to hear about this issue. Can you check what firmware is on your U3?

Just use this utility:…