Plugable USB3-HUB7-81X not working with HP EliteBook 9470m

This must be a driver or firmware problem. The exact same USB3-HUB7-81X with the exact same items attached works with my older EliteBook 8460w. I am able to immediately disconnect from the EliteBook 9470m and plug into 8460w and everything works.

I have tried removing ALL attached devices, remove the power, then attach the power and then connect to my 9460w and nothing works (to keep simple test, I used just a USB keyboard).

If I then remove and plug into the 8460w, everything works.

On the 9460m, I went into ‘Computer Management’, then to ‘Device Manager’ and removed the ‘USB 3.0 Hub’ and the ‘USB 2.0 Hub’. If I then scan for hardware changes and it re-adds the device, i found that 3 of the 7 ports worked. Only ports 5,6,7 worked. However, if I restart the computer, nothing works again and I have to do the same task of removing the ‘USB 3.0 Hub’ and then ‘scan for hardware changes’ to get it to work again.

Please help!


We’ve contacted you directly via email to request some diagnostic information on your 9470m.

Best wishes.