Plugable USB3-HUB10C - Random disconnects

I have a Plugable USB3-HUB10C

It is plugged into the intel ports of an Asus Z170-Premium (BIOS 1902) under Windows 10 AU (14393.105)

I have 3 HD’s attached to the hub (spaced to be one per chip via the diagram), 2 are powered by external wall-warts, one is powered by the bus. The rest of the ports are empty. The drivers being used are the default Microsoft drivers (USB3HUB.SYS V10.0.14393.0).

Hello Aaron - Please perform a USB hub reset by doing the following:

  1. Disconnect USB hub from power and computer and wait for 120 seconds (also disconnect all peripherals from USB Hub)
  2. Connect USB hub to power only and wait for another 10 seconds
  3. Connect USB hub to computer and test all USB ports with a simple USB device such as a wired mouse or keyboard
  4. Now connect your usual peripherals and test

Please let me know if this helps. If not, I would need to take a closer look. I will follow up with a direct email asking for logs.

I did the routine.
Every port recognizes devices.

Every now and then, the entire hub disappears (not just one port of it) and then reconnects a second later.

I’ve tried different cables and ports with no success. It’s odd.

I should note that was plugged into an alpine-ridge port.
I’ll switch to a Z170 intel port (not asmedia or alpine-ridge) and see if that affects anything.

Scratch that. It was in an Asmedia port. Now it’s in an Alpine Ridge port. Will see if that makes a difference

Hello Aaron - Are you still having inconsistent results?