Plugable USB with Logitec Keyboard and Mouse

I have a pluggable USB 3 which works as a hot desk for my office staff.

One of the laptops picks up the monitor and mouse but not the keyboard. It hasn’t worked since first getting the hub but other laptops work fine. Can you help please?

Many thanks,

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for posting!

I can see that you also reached out to us directly via on August 2nd with the same issue. We replied quickly (within a few hours), but as of today we have not received a reply to our initial direct response.

I just re-sent my original direct reply. Moving forward, please only respond to our direct email so that we can keep all communication on this specific issue in one place.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies

Hi Bob,

Good to hear from you – am guessing your response when into my spam folder – apologies for not responding :-/

Also, I tried to run the diag tool but AV and the OS conspired against me even though I did ‘Run as administrator’ it told me I didn’t have enough rights 

Any suggestions would be most appreciated


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