plugable USB graphics adapter does not show up

After installation of software drivers, USB Graphics Adapters doesn’t show up in the Display Properties screen.
I have two monitors running from my nvidia quadro graphics, and after connecting the USB display adapater into a USB, when going to Display properties, I don’t see a USB graphics adapter on the Display drop-down menu.
DisplayLinkUI won’t start, can’t configure the card adapter.

Hi Rudy,

A few questions:

  1. What OS are you running (Win7?) 32 or 64 bit?
  2. What version of the nVidia drivers are you running?
  3. There are some nVidia Quadro setups with multiple graphics adapters, and DisplayLink has support limits for running alongside multiple PCIe adapters. Is this a desktop system with multiple adapters? or a laptop?
  4. DisplayLink’s drivers produce logs at /program files/displaylink core software/ you could open those logs and look to see if any particular error has been logged.

And one thing to try:

DisplayLink’s new 5.3 software release is out, but not yet on Windows Update for another week or two. You can grab it directly at and install - it has some improvements that may help.

Let us know. We’ll work through this.

Thank you!