Plugable USB 3 Dual Display Dock keeps disconnecting after static shock

It seems that everytime the user sits at his desk, which is on carpet, and touches the keyboard tray attached to the desk, the docking station restarts (her screens go blank and she loses her network connection for half a second). We’ve checked the ground of the wall plug for the power bar the dock is connected to and it’s good. Any ideas?

Hi Sebastien,

Thanks for posting!

Based on your description it sounds like there may be some other type of low-level electrical issue at play. I have seen cases where cubicles with integrated power (especially with those with metal surface components) can have an internal wiring problem that can cause unexpected behavior.

We would recommend you enlist the service of a qualified electrician to check out the desk location to ensure everything is not only wired properly but also that there is not any possibility of a short that could be occurring as the result of the physical connection of the keyboard tray to the desk or the internal wiring of the cubicle.

In the interim, a quick way to isolate things further and remove the dock itself from the equation is to move the laptop and dock temporarily to a different physical location to see if the behavior changes.

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