Plugable USB 3 10 port hub running our of resources when connected to Surface Pro 1

I just purchased a Plugable USB 3 10 port hub for use with my Surface Pro 1. When I connect more than 8 USB devices I start getting error messages; “Not enough usb resources”, etc. Has anyone found any workable solution to this problem? I thought you were technically able to have up to 127 USB devices connected via a single USB hub. Well, I am a LONG way away from that number!

Hello Michael,

This is a known but unsolved issue with the Surface 2 and 3 Pro tablets.

The short answer is due to the large amount of built in USB devices (WiFi/Bluetooth, touch sensors, cameras, card reader, and audio), there are not many resources left for external USB devices.

USB 3.0 xHCI controllers do not follow the same standard for maximum devices as USB 2.0 did. It varies per computer and controller implementation.

Here are some links about this issue (it used to be one thread but a moderator at Microsoft split it for some unknown reason into three or more different threads):………

Unfortunately at this time there is no known solution.

Best wishes,

Hi Josh

Thanks for your reply. Although it’s not a great position to find myself in.

Does this problem apply to all Plugable USB 3.0 hubs? You mentioned USB 3.0 xHCI. Or just this 10-port hub?


Hi Michael,

This applies to any USB 3.0 hub or docking station regardless of brand, model, or number of ports.

The Surface just has severely limited USB resources for external USB devices.

Best wishes,