Plugable usb 3.0 usb3-sata-uasp1 docking station Cable/power supply

All I need is a cable and power supply for
Model: plugable usb3-sata-uasp1 docking station
S/N: 1094002314975,

Where can I get them!

U guys make it so difficult.

Hi Greg,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Support system. I wanted to reach out to you here as well to thank you for your patience regarding this matter and to let you know that we did receive your response for ticket #353705 and are happy to know that we were able to help resolve this issue for you.

I am going to go ahead and post my response to you (from ticket #353705) here as well to help anyone else who is searching for a replacement power adapter and USB cable for their USB3-SATA-UASP1. Hopefully, this will help others that are in need of this information.

_Hello Greg,

Thank you for contacting Plugable support.

To help set some expectations unfortunately the USB3-SATA-USAP1 has been discontinued for some time and is no longer available. The USB3-SATA-USAP1 has been replaced by the USBC-SATA-V seen here:

Due to the end of life (EOL) of this product, we unfortunately no longer have any residual stock (accessories) for this product.

That being said, the USB3-SATA-USAP1 takes a 12V 2.5A power supply. The model number for the power supply is RS-AB025J00. I managed to locate one here if you are interested:

The USB data cable is a USB 3.0 type-B to USB type-A cable and can be purchased here:

I hope this helps and once again thank you for reaching out to Plugabel support and giving us a chance to help.

Best regards,

Michael S.
Plugable Technologies

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