Plugable USB 2.0 4-Port Hub with 12.5W Power Adapter (usb2-hub4bc) dimmensions or CAD?


I bet Amazon has the wrong dimensions:

I’m designing a device that uses your hub, can you please give me the actual dimensions or a CAD file (STEP file)?



Thanks for asking!

Actually, the Amazon dimensions are fairly accurate, though they do round. With a pair of digital calipers, the dimensions are measured as:

2.558" x 1.569" x 0.668" (65mm x 40mm x 17mm)

This is the exterior dimensions of the body only, not including the rubber feet. The feet add 0.033" (0.8mm) to the overall height of the unit. Also keep in mind that this doesn’t include the USB or power adapters, just the hub body itself.

Sorry that I’m unable to provide a CAD file! I do hope the dimensions help. Please let me know if I can provide any other information.


Sam Morgan
Technical Support Analyst
Plugable Technologies


Thank you!

We are probably going to buy a lot of those hubs. I wish you can send me the CAD file somehow to be able to adjust my design and the test the fitting.


We have already bought some of your devices.

Can you guys please tell me the position of the 4 USB ports and the position of the miniUSB port and the charge port and the sizes? I have to adjust my design to be able to fit your hub inside of it.


Hey Again,

It would probably be best if you did the measurements yourself with the product in hand. Any measurements I provide will be fairly easy to misunderstand, and I don’t want you modifying your design with the incorrect information.

Anything short of a 3D model or technical drawing at this point would likely be inadequate.


Sam Morgan
Technical Support Analyst
Plugable Technologies


So you don’t think it’s possible to get a STEP file or something? Not even the manual measurements are as good as testing the fitting with the actual CAD. I will appreciate a lot if you can help me with this. My email is daniel[dot]delgado[at]smartmatic[dot]com. Thanks in advance.


I’m sorry, but we don’t have this information on hand. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!