Plugable update problem, or Surface Pro 2/Windows problem?

I did UD-3900 update 2-11-14. Then “File History Drive Error” found by Windows Update. It asked re: repair and I said yes to repair. Then I got “Please wait while we install a system update.” I did NOT install the Windows Update on “Patch Tuesday” that day. I waited 15 minutes for ‘install system update’ to finish. Meanwhile I get 3 short blinks-4 short blinks-2 short blinks-1 short blink-1 long blink on the right side of my Surface Pro 2 Win8.1. Back side of Surface Pro 2 got very warm. Do you think this is related to Plugable update, or is it related to Windows/Surface problem of some sort? I have Seagate Plus external hard drive as my default hard drive for back-ups if that helps any. Thank you very much.


Thanks for reaching out to us, I’d be more than happy to answer your question regarding your UD-3900.

In regards to the odd behavior with the Surface involving the blinking light and the Surface heating up, I suspect that this problem is not related to the Plugable update. We have not had any other reports of a DisplayLink update causing similar behavior.

As a note, the most current version of the DisplayLink software can be found here and you can install it manually:…

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