Plugable UGA-165 not working with Windows Aero

On a Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit machine Windows Aero was working fine until the security update KB2670838 from Microsoft was installed. When i unplug the UGA-165 Windows Aero begins to work without any issues. When i plug it back in Aero stops working again. Is there any known work around as this is a corporate laptop and although uninstalling KB2670838 fixes the issues our IT team will just auto install the update if it is recognized that it was removed from the system.

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for posting here! Windows update KB2670838 disables Aero and puts the system in Basic mode.

I’d recommend installing the latest Displaylink 7.2M0 drivers, which were released a few days back, as it has better support for Basic mode. You can download and install the drivers from…

Installing this version should resolve your issue. If you see any issues at all after installing the latest Displaylink 7.2M0 drivers, just shoot us an email at We are here to help!