plugable UD-3900 not working

Simply doesnt work.
The blue light turns on for two seconds, then goes off and it is all dead.
My lenovo Yoga 2 pro does register the connection, and windows update downloads the drivers etc (windows 8.1)
Everything else is dead.
No lights on the front of the docking station (DS) except for a second when unplugging/plugging.
I have connected a screen to the DS, but windows does not find it.
Searched devices with windows, but no DS found.
Plugged a mouse on the back of the DS, nothing happens.
I unplug the DS from the mains, and my laptop registers the disconnection with a sound. Plug the DS back onto the mains, and the blue light at the front goes back on for seconds, then off.

Problem solved.
The mains adaptor was faulty, substituted with a universal laptop adaptor I had at home.

Hi Carlos,

Glad to hear you got it sorted out!

Please email with “Ticket 83797” in the subject as well as your Amazon Order ID number and your preferred shipping address, and we’ll have a replacement adapter sent to you.