Plugable ud-3900 not detecting additional display


Any advice, I have connected a ud-3900 to my laptop but it isn’t detecting the additional display, however all the additional bits work such as USB drives etc.

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Plugable support! We are sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue with your UD-3900 and external displays and would be happy to help assist.

When you have a moment, could you please collect a set of diagnostic logs generated by our PlugDebug utility? To collect these logs, please have the device plugged into your computer, and please follow this link for instructions:

The tool will collect system logs into a ZIP file and save them to your Desktop. Could you please send that file to us directly at with the subject line: “Ticket #339746” so we can match things up. This will allow us to examine some log files from your system to help determine the next steps.

If you can also include your Amazon Order ID in your email (don’t post that here) that will be most helpful.

Best regards,

Michael S.


We noticed that you had opened another ticket with our support team and stated you were able to resolve your issue. We appreciate you letting us know and will consider this issue resolved.

Kind regards,

Michael S.

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