plugable ud-3900 HDMI - Noise on some part of screen

I’m getting some noise on my screen after connecting it to Plugable via HDMI cable.


And as soon as I click on Speaker on the right corner, after 2 second the screen, starts blinking, it turns off and it turns back on.

i don’t know what is the problem, please help.


I’m getting these parasites(greens and reds) on some icons, some pictures which are mostly blue, and the screen goes off/on blinking.

I hope I get some solution, otherwise I have to return this box by Monday.


Hi Milad,

Thanks for posting! I know you mentioned you already replaced the HDMI cable in use in your other forum post ->…but the pictures you provided and the artifacts shown are most likely being caused by the HDMI cable itself.

Is it possible to swap in another, brand new HDMI cable to see if that helps with the behavior?

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies