Plugable nix capture card freezing

I have followed the tutorial on the website for how to setup the card in Streamlabs obs and can get the card to display and work for about 45 minutes before it completely freezes I’m not sure if anyone else is having this issue I have tried google searches to see if I could find a similar situation but alas haven’t been able to find one I am hoping someone can help me

Thank you


Have you checked if this only happens in Streamlabs OBS, or if it happens in other capture such as Open Broadcaster Software (non-Streamlabs OBS)?

Is it the video feed that stops, or the whole software application?

Andy thank you for the quick response I have not tried it in any other open broadcast software and the application stays running with my facecam and overlays it’s just the game feed :confused:

Could you please email us at and reference case number #291086 in the subject line?

With the email, please include your Amazon Order ID for the NIX capture card. I’d like to help arrange a replacement.

Okay thank you Andy

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