Plugable Docking station no longer recognized

I bought my Plugable USB 2.0 Universal Laptop Docking station with displayLink DVI/VGA from Amazon 3 months ago. But suddenly when I plug in my laptop none of the devices (monitor, external drive, keyboard/mouse) are recognized. The light still is on for the Plugable device but the computer cannot detect that it is connected to it. I have tried restarting my computer and unplugging and re-plugging in the Plugable device. Also, I have tried other USB ports on my laptop. Can you offer any trouble shooting advice?

Update. When the Plugable device is plugged into my bosses laptop it is not recognized either.

Hi Ryan,

Sorry for the frustration! Two machines makes it a likely hardware problem. We’ll be able to confirm that quickly and get you back up and running.

Just email your Amazon order # to and a link to this thread, and we’ll take care of you.

Thanks for your patience!

I also have a similar issue. One minute the device wass working properly (after several weeks) and the next minute a message that the device has malfunction and Windows 7 no longer recognizes the driver. I uninstalled the driver, re-booted the machine and still the same issue.

Hi lkrich - It’s not clear whether that’s a hardware or software issue. Could you grab the DisplayLink Logs (here’s now:…) and email the resulting .zip file it generates on your desktop to – we’ll be able to figure out next steps from that.