Plugable Dock not working with Venue 8 Pro

My Dell Venue Pro 8 (running Win8.1) is not charging when connected to the Pro8 docking station. Everything else works properly, but the tablet will not charge. I have unplugged/replugged the USB connecting cable, restarted the laptop, etc. without success. The plugable dock displays the blue power light, but no green light. The USB-MicroB to USB-MicroB cable shipped with the unit is a very thin, ribbon-like cable - not sure it can handle the current requirements of the tablet.

Hello Andrew,

You mention “ribbon-like cable”. The cable that we include should be round and fairly stiff.

It sounds like we may need to get you the proper cable (free of charge as a courtesy). Did you buy our dock new or used?


Josh - I purchased it new, on Amazon. Thanks for the quick response.

So, how do I obtain this cable?

I’ll contact you directly via email to request the best shipping address and we can ship it out tomorrow!