PLUGABLE BT MOUSE V3.0 not working reliably Windows 10 HOME

Plugable BT-MOUSE3 does not work reliably with Windows 10 HOME HP Notebook PC, connects sometimes and works, but mostly does not work. Bought the bluetooth USB adapter as well. Im showing connected at this time but it is not working, I have a TARGUS on my other computer works like a champ, TARGUS also works fine on the PC with which Im having trouble with the plugable

Im updating my windows 10 per suggestion will post results when complete

Updated Windows and restarted, mouse reconnected and works UNTIL PC goes to sleep, then Mouse is inop again, uninstalled and reinstalled driver, mouse works, found a setting under mouse options to disable internal pointing device when an external USB pointing device is attached, I put PC to sleep and woke it up with keyboard, mouse is still working so maybe I broke the code, will update as necessary

Tried some additional mouse settings had mouse working after sleep mode and setting to disable internal pointing device when external USB pointing device present, after a while both devices INOP both touch-pad and Mouse, awesome install WOW , can I get my money backā€¦

Thanks for getting in touch!

It sounds like you have a defective mouse, we should get you a replacement. Can you contact me at so I can get details for a replacement?