Plugable BlueTooth adapter dissappears after disconnecting then reconnecting mobile phone on Raspberry Pi under Raspbian



I’m using the Plugable BlueTooth adapter with a Raspberry Pi Model 2 B. I’ve built a wireless audio system which accept audio from a bluetooth connected phone and streams it out to wireless speakers using a special USB soundcard. Everything works well unless I disconect the phone and then try to reconnect the same phone again. Here’s what that looks like when connected with bluetootctl;

pi@raspberrypi ~ $ sudo bluetoothctl
[NEW] Controller 5C:F3:70:6A:03:D0 BlueBerry [default]
[NEW] Device B4:3A:28:08:F7:9A Shaws Phone
[NEW] Device 84:55:A5:F9:7D:5D Katys Phone
[CHG] Device B4:3A:28:08:F7:9A Connected: yes
[CHG] Device B4:3A:28:08:F7:9A Connected: no
[CHG] Device B4:3A:28:08:F7:9A Connected: yes
[DEL] Controller 5C:F3:70:6A:03:D0 BlueBerry [default]

Immediately after reconnecting the adapter seems to get deleted? I then have to reboot to connect again. Any idea what’s going on here or what I can do to further debug this issue?

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Hi Shaw,

Thank you for posting your question here.

I haven’t experienced this issue, so I’m going to do some testing here with and see if I can reproduce anything like it.

I’ll post anything I discover here.


Plugable Support


Great stuff cheers. If there’s anything you’de like me to run here, give me a shout. I should probably mention I was using Raspbian and I was connecting to a Samsung Galaxy S5.


Hi David,

Any luck with this at all? Anything you would like me to supply to assist or anything you’de like me to try out?

Many thanks,



Hi Shaw,

Thank you for checking back about this.

I’m sorry, but I haven’t had much chance to work on this, but I am working on it today.

Could you possible tell me which bluetooth-related packages you have installed on your pi?




Yup- I’m new to Linux so bare with me! I think I just have BlueZ which I’m using to stream music from my phone to the raspberry- I then pipe this out a USB soundcard.


Hi Shaw,
Actually, that’s a pretty sophisticated application. I’m asking, because I’m not getting bluetoothctl to work on my pi to test your issue.

Bluetooth has been weird on the pi recently. One question: When did you start using this pi. I’m wondering if it is an earlier version than the version of Raspbian on my pi.



I built the whole image about 3 weeks ago maybe? I did a sudo rpi-update, sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade so it should have been the most latest stuff.


Here is the guide I followed actually!… There are also some posts from me to the author towards the end of the thread trying to diagnose this issue!


Hey! Any luck with this one at all? Let me know if there is anything you need from me?

Thank You,



Hi- Any Progress with this one at all?