Plugable 4-Hub isn't recognized by bios during startup; neither is usb mouse; items plugged after bootup completes are recognized

I have a new Plugable 4 hub powered USB hub.
During boot, anything plugged into the hub is not recognized.
The usb mouse dongle must be unplugged and replugged after the boot process is completed in order to be seen and function.
Other devices are seen when plugged in after boot process has completed.
Without your Plugable 4 hub powered USB hub plugged in as an intermediary, the bios is able to recognize and boot an OS from a flashdrive. The USB mouse is recognized and funtioning without having to unplug and replug (as with your device) when it is plugged directly into the same USB port on the laptop.
I am using a Presario V3000 laptop. I use various OS and often boot and run an OS from a USB flashdrive.
Tell me how to get this working as it is supposed to. I have no use for it otherwise.
(the packaging is destroyed, so I don’t know how amazon is going to feel about that)
p.s. I saw a five year old post where a similar defect went unresolved. You must have resolved it since then, right?

Hello Mitchell,

Thanks for getting back in contact with us! We’re sorry that the USB 2.0 4-Port Hub isn’t working as expected. I’m happy to help.

We have a troubleshooting tool that helps us find out what is going on in situations like this. Please plug the device into your computer, then go to this page and follow the instructions there:

Once the program finishes running, please send the .zip log file it creates on your desktop as an email attachment. We’ll review the logs soon after receiving them and determine the next steps from there.

Thank You,

Plugable Technologies

Plugable Technologies


I am reading your response as, there must be something wrong with my computer.
Of the millions out there, mine is an anomaly.
My choice is to grant you unfettered access to my computer files.

I am 100%, and not one tick less, certain that I am not the only one that has this problem with your USB 2.0 4-Port Hub product’s defect. So please stop pretending it’s me and not you. And no, you can not have access to my computer.

I expect you to tell me what is wrong with your product and also what the solution is.

If the solutiion requires additional hardware, then I expect you to send it to me at your expense. This is your responsibility. You offered me something that you held out as functional.

Hi Mitchellray,

Sorry to hear of the frustrations!

Some system BIOSes don’t behave well with hubs, or certain hub chipsets. (Note: If this is the issue, you will likely encounter this behavior with various different hub models, not just this one.) Logs help us determine specific relevant details like your BIOS version, so we can advise on any updates which may help.

If you don’t wish to send them, no problem. We can advise on general some steps to take (since we don’t have access to the specifics without said logs).

Note: as you’re aware, anything involving changing or updating the system BIOS involves some risk. These suggestions are made as a courtesy.

It looks like most of the V3000 series are from ~2006, so not sure what, if any, update options will be available. But you’re welcome to check your vendor support page to see if any updates are available.

Also, your BIOS may have some settings related to how it handles USB devices on boot. You may wish to experiment with these if they are present.

If your system incompatible, we’re happy to help with a return for a refund – the lack of a box won’t matter for refund purposes.

Best wishes,