Plug able can't connect to Internet (using wireless). Shows network adapter unplugged although it is. Replaced cat5, no help.

All features working fine, but network adapter shows unplugged. Connected computer directly to router bypassing Unplugable and network adapter worked ok.

Different cat 5, same issues

Hi Len,

The behavior you’re describing is usually caused by one of two factors:

  1. The ethernet port on the dock requires a “full duplex” network connection from the router/switch and cable. This is why in some cases another ethernet port will work properly with the same cable/router/switch, since some ethernet devices work properly with half duplex connections.

  2. It could be an issue with the ethernet port on the dock itself. This is rare, but I have seen a handful of cases where this was the issue.

So before sending a replacement, we’ll want to do a quick bit of investigation on the network infrastructure. Can you please let us know the make and model of any switches or routers that are “upstream” of the docking station?

Also, do the ethernet cables have any specifications stamped on them? Cat3, Cat5, Cat5e, etc?

Once we look determine whether or not the upstream device(s) support full duplex, that should help shed some light on what the root cause is here.

Please email with “Ticket 105966” in the subject with feedback regarding the above and we can go from there.