Please advise on any limitation for operation as asecond monitor.

I want to have second monitor for different programs on labtop and not just an extension of the laptop screen…I tried two such devices one was eElipse and the other was Siig, both of them could not play solitaire or any game on the second monitor.

Hi Mukund,

Thanks for asking ahead!

Both of those adapters appear to use the MCT (Magic Control Technology) chipset.

You could confirm by checking if you have an entry in Windows’ Programs control panel for “Magic Control Technology” or perhaps something under the brand names of the adapters.

MCT’s hardware and drivers aren’t generally at the same level as DisplayLink’s, so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to get a better result with any of our USB graphics products (which all use DisplayLink chips), like the our USB-VGA-165…

Drivers from MCT and DisplayLink don’t coexist on a single system, so one important thing you will need to is uninstall all the MCT drivers on your system now, before you install DisplayLink’s drivers for our device.

Once the MCT drivers are off, you’ll also want to make sure Windows Aero is enabled (if it’s a Vista or Win7 system), as that’ll solve the performance problems you’ve seen with Solitaire, etc. Here’s how:…

Let us know if you have trouble finding those MCT drivers and if you have any other questions we could help with. Hope that helps!