Paired OK, can't hear music.

Hi. I’m having problems with a Plugable BT adapter (USB-BT4LE). I can get it to pair OK with a Logitec adapter that is connected to my Hi Fi but I can’t hear any sound. (I can successfully pair this Logitec device with my Samsung tablet and play music OK). I’ve tried uninstalling the Plugable adapter and tried installing the driver from the recommended website but during installation, it says it can’t see the adapter. Where can I get some advice on getting this to work? I have an XP sp3 laptop. Thanks.

Hi John,

Thanks for posting your question here! Do you happen to have the CD that came with the adapter? If so, let’s first try installing the driver via the CD. In addition,
is the adapter connected to a USB port directly on the PC or via a USB hub?

If you get the same error message, it’d be great if you could send us a screenshot to and we’ll determine next steps!


Thank you Ellen and apologies for my not getting back to you before now.

Actually I have successfully reloaded the drivers etc. from the CD and it all works perfectly now.

One thing I’ve discovered - and this may have fooled me into thing that your adapter wasn’t working - is that I must not load the music or audio playing application on my laptop before completely pairing to the bluetooth adapter on my music system. If I do, the application seems to miss the fact that the laptop is set to use bluetooth and the sound comes from the laptops speakers. So setting up bluetooth pairing is the very first thing I need to do. (This limitation does not apply when sending music from my Galaxy tab. I can have ‘Poweramp’ already loaded, then set pairing, then click on ‘play’ and it just works).

Just something to get used to, I guess.

Anyway, all’s well now.

Thanks again your reply.

Thanks for the detail there John! Glad to hear you were able to get it up and running. Just let us know if there’s anything else we can help with in the future!