Outlook 2003 data transfer into new PC with Outklook 2013

How to transfer Outlook 2003 calendar, contacts, tasks from old PC WIndows Vista into new PC (WIndows 8) which will have Outllook 2013 installed.

We worked with John via email on this issue, and we’re posting the response here for the benefit of others who may encounter this thread while researching this issue:

This type of application-specific migration assistance is beyond the scope of the support we’re able to offer, but I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. As you suggested, you’ll want to export your calender, tasks, and contacts to a .PST file, then transferred over. The following Microsoft article covers this process:

When asked for a destination location to save/export the information, I’d suggest choosing your Documents or Desktop folder. Either of these locations will be easy to find and are also copied by default to the new system using the transfer software.

The transfer software will not automatically integrate the data into Outlook on the new system, so we’ll need to then import the data. After the transfer is complete and you have installed Outlook 2013 on the new system, you’ll want to import the information from the .PST file you’ve transferred over. The following page covers the process. Essentially it just requires starting the import process and telling Outlook where the relevant .PST file is located.