Osbase Driver with DC-125 and Microsoft Multipoint 2012

I just did a total rebuild with a fresh install of Microsoft Multipoint 2012. The equipment used is:

Dell R210 with SSD main drives
AMD ATI Firepro 2270 Multi display Video Card
DC-125 Plugable Multi function Devices
Plugable 7-Port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Charging Hub

After installation of the latest version of OSBase Driver, http://osbase.com/DdPlugin/160217CL26… (160217CL2651), on start, the server would crash stating, “Multipoint Server Configuration Error. Multipoint Server has detected a misconfiguration”

Uninstalled OSBase Driver, 160217CL2651.
Installed earlier version OSBase Driver, 141014CL1606, here: http://osbase.com/DdPlugin/141014CL16….
Installed Windows 7 driver of the Firepro 2270 video card but I don’t know if this was necessary.

So, in summary, using the latest OSBase driver crashed wms shell. I had to use an earlier version of the OSBase driver for the Plugable DC-125.

I am posting this as someone else will more than likely have this issue.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for posting your findings. Usually the “Multipoint Server Configuration Error” misconfiguration message you received is due to the primary GPU drivers on the system.

Here’s an older thread with a similar problem report, if interested:

So hopefully using Windows 7 GPU drivers will be a suitable solution for most Multipoint admins if this issue is encountered.