I don’t think you should postpost a product because apple decides to not support a certain chip. As I PC user I think you should release the TBT3-UD1 as a pc item. PC users should not have to wait because of an apple decision.

Hi Daniel,

Thank so much for taking the time to give these thoughts! The challenge is customer confusion: People will assume that if both device and laptop are Thunderbolt 3, that things will work together.

When those assumptions are not true (Mac) it will lead to negative reviews, which hurt all sales (including to Windows customers).

It’s a tricky challenge. In order to protect trust in the product, the Plugable brand, and the Thunderbolt brand, we’ve made the decision to delay the TBT3-UD1 Thunderbolt dock until it has the updates that Apple is requiring. OS X detects all current certified Thunderbolt 3 devices on the market and does not allow them to start up on an OS X system. Future (updated) certified devices will not be blocked by OS X.

But I totally understand your frustration as a Windows PC user caught up in this.
My apologies!

Bernie Thompson
Founder, Plugable Technologies