One of two UGA-2K-A stopped working

I have two UGA-2K-A. I was using them to display my laptop onto two monitors. Was working great, but one of them just stopped working. The laptop still detects the device, but the green light no longer lights up and the display doesn’t work. I tested by taking the UGA-2K-A that stopped working and used the monitor and all the cables that were working with the other UGA-2K-A. Still didn’t work. I took the working UGA-2K-A and plugged it into the cables and monitor that weren’t working with the other UGA-2K-A and it worked. So it looks like the UGA-2K-A itself just decided to stop. Is there a reset or anything on the device that I can try?

Hi Scot,

Thanks or posting here! I am sorry to know that one unit of Plugable UGA-2K-A is no longer working. We would like to send you a replacement to get you up and running at the earliest.

If you can shoot us an email at with your Amazon Order ID, the serial no (given at the back) of the device and the best address to send the replacement, we can ship it to you.

Thanks for your patience while we get this replacement to you!


Thanks for the response. My wife ordered it for me. I will get with her tonight and gather that information for the replacement.
Thank you, Scot