I now have a computer with the speed I wanted since installing Windows 10. When I installed Windows 10 on my Dell XPS 8300, added an SSD, and bumped my RAM up to 20 Gigs, I expected one smoking machine. What I got was Dell and Broadcom refusing to update the Ethernet and WiFi drivers. I had a slow internet connection to my computer that kept dropping the internet. The first thing I did was put in a Lynksys USB wireless adapter to connect to the internet via Wifi. This allowed me to stop the internet from dropping. Dell and Broadcom aren’t going to do anything and I had that in the house, so it cost me nothing. Unfortunately, the speed increase that I had expected was still not there and I wasn’t going to buy a new computer. Last week end I was researching the problem and found a Plugable USB 3.0 10/100/1000 Eithernet adapter. This would allow me to run my computer wired to the router/switch. I installed it today! YIKES, what a difference. I have the speed I have been expecting, no dropped internet, and it cost me a bit over $10. I am now one happy camper! S%‪#‎ew‬ you Dell and Broadcom. THANK YOU PLUGABLE!

Thank you Jim for sharing this great experience! It makes us really happy to be providing products that can help solve problems in impactful ways like this, and it’s super awesome of you to share it!

Thank you!
Bernie Thompson
Founder, Plugable Technologies