Omnovia web conference presentation with UGA-2K-A not updating


I just installed the UGA-2K-A adapter on a HP desktop, the display works fine normally, but noticed when a presentation or live web meeting is viewed using a web conferencing program like Omnovia or Instant Presenter, on the monitor connected through the UGA-2K-A, the display is not refreshed - it is a static, unchanging display. i.e. when changes are made during the web meeting, such as switching to a new slide or an update to the display image, it is not updating on the UGA-2K-A monitor. The display updates do work fine on the monitors connected directly into the computer’s display card.

System Configuration:
Desktop: HP Pavilion Elite e9290f with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 video card
Two Samsung monitors connected into video card inputs
Software: Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 64-bit

USB display: UGA-2K-A Driver: 5.6.31854.0
connected to Princeton monitor VL2018W
UGA-2K-A is connected directly into a USB plug on the computer

Any thoughts or resolution ideas?



Hi Mark,

Thanks for posting your question about your presentation monitor not updating. It sounds like your system may have Aero disabled. Here’s a link to a quick troubleshooting procedure from Microsoft to be sure that Aero is enabled. Follow the steps there and post back with your result and we’ll figure out what’s going on.



The troubleshooter did not find any issue. in the ‘advanced’ selector, everything came back "issue not present’, saying everything it checked is OK.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for running the Aero troubleshooter for me. Since that didn’t report any issues, I’d like you run the DisplayLink Support Tool and send the .zip file it creates on your desktop to Here’s the link to the tool.…

After we get the logs from the support tool, we’ll be able to determine what’s next.



Have found that another program we are using “Trade Navigator” by Genesis Financial Technologies is disabling the Aero “glass” effect while it is running. When Trade Navigator is not running everything works fine with your device. Contacting the Genesis folks to see how to get around the issue they are causing. Thanks for your help…


Hi Mark,

Thanks for the follow up on this issue! That’s interesting to know about the unexpected software interactions.

Keep us posted with any fixes you discover!!!