Old unix: Single user vis multiuser, New linux: single user desktop vs Multi Seat

It may be time to revisit historic unix. Traditional Unix had a single user mode, usually an admin mode, and full multiuser mode. I suggest Fedora think about a similar Console X / multiseat X option. Under Console X, Multiseat attachments might be disabled This would leave the Console as the only Seat, and run Fedora as a traditional desktop linux.

In multiseat Mode the console would be either disabled or limited to a a non X role.
A KVM switch could attach the console physical devices, Kbd, screen, mouse) to a Plugable thin client. The idea is to allow a system to either be a family (Usb ?) Bus or a Sporty single seater. without removing the disabled Multiseat stations…

Hi Jeffrey - Thanks for posting! Automatic USB multiseat is close to getting there (if only seat0 would work reliably in conjuction). And on the text console side, there’s work right now to rework and modernize Linux’s VT subsystem in this area, that’s being done primarily by David Herrmann. Here’s some background:

We’ve sent several Plugable USB graphics devices to David in Germany (it’s the easiest way to get many graphics framebuffers for testing). We’re hopeful that between the work of David H. David Airlie, Kay Sievers, Lennart Poettering, and others, that we’re converging on a world where Linux enables the possibilities of the many-displays-per-PC world better than the commercial OSes do. Thanks again!