Not Mac friendly

I can’;t download driver for microscope on my Mac, it has to come from the Store but they do not have it.I checked with apple Support. Mac is 10.9.5

I was already in contact with Cherry about this in an internal ticket, but wanted to post this for others who may encounter the same issue.

Our latest mac version of Digital Viewer, 3.1.08, is signed with our Developer ID. That’s available here:

Gatekeeper with normal settings should not be disallowing this software from being installed since it’s verified. However, it still may happen in some cases, and there’s a simple way to bypass Gatekeeper without having to change any settings.

If you encounter this issue, just command-click the .dmg package and click “Open”. This will bring up the same Gatekeeper security dialog box, but there will be an additional option to continue opening the package anyway. This automatically creates a security exception for the package.

If you need help with this, don’t hesitate to contact us at so we can assist!