Not Enough Space

Trying to transfer folders My Documents-MyPictures-My Music-My Videos to a new computer. How do I set the destination folder on the new computer? I get a message that says “there is not enough space”. I know that and I have a new partition set up to handle the folders from the old computer. How do I select that folder on the new computer?

Hi Marie,

Thank you for contacting us about the Windows Transfer Cable and the Easy Computer Sync software.

It should be possible to set the another drive as the destination. Please try this, and if it doesn’t work, we can find out what is going wrong:

  1. After the connection is detected, the Tools screen will appear (…). On the Old computer, select the “Transfer Data to New Computer” button.

  2. The Old or New Computer screen will appear (…). Select This Is My Old Computer.

  3. The Transfer Scanning screen will appear (…). Wait a moment.

  4. The Transfer Selection screen will appear (…). Select the folders you want to transfer.Click Properties.

  5. The Drive Properties screen will appear (…). In “This drive transfers to the following drive…” Select the drive you want to transfer to. Click OK.

  6. In the Folder Mapping screen (…), you can select where individual folders go.

  7. After making selections, click Next on the Transfer Selection screen.

I hope this helps. Please let me know how it goes.


Hi David,

Thanks for the reply. I managed to figure out how to transfer the files, but it was not the solution you propose. It was rather inelegant but it got done. I’m also quite sick with a bad cold, which doesn’t help. Note to self: don’t do technical stuff when you don’t feel well.

I will work through your solution noted above and report back. I still have additional files to transfer.

All the best,

HI Marie,

I’m glad you found a way to get the job done even though you are sick. Hope you are feeling better now!