No Video

I just setup my Plugable USB 3 docking station and cannot get the video to work. I first hooked up my monitor using a DVI to HDMI cable(my screen only has HDMI or VGA) . In fact I have tried two different cables like this to no avail. I then tried using VGA (with the provided DVI to VGA adapter) and briefly had it working. I then tried the DVI/HDMI again, not luck, then switched back to VGA…and now I am getting nothing no matter what I do. There is a chance that my monitor’s HDMI is not working as I don’t know that I have ever had success with HDMI. For now, I would be happy with getting VGA to work.

I’ve restarted the computer, restarted the docking station, restarted the monitor, checked the device manager for bad drivers…all in different orders. I have a USB 3 external hard drive, keyboard, and a USB microphone plugged into the dock, all work great. However sound is still playing through the laptop’s speakers.

Just to be sure, I hooked my laptop directly up to the monitor via VGA and that works great.

Any advice?

Hi Tim,

Thank you for posting your question here, we’d be glad to help! When the monitor worked briefly via the VGA/DVI adapter, did the DisplayLink driver install successfully? Based on your description of the issue I would first check for a loose connection between the VGA/DVI adapter and the docking station, we’ve seen similar issues in the past related to this. Verify that all the pins are screwed in completely and try wiggling the adapter itself, does the monitor come on after this?

Please e-mail us directly at and let us know your findings! We’ll be happy to troubleshoot further!