No longer works on Linux with most recent kernel updates


Hi there,

I initially bought this for the Mac, as it is indeed supported. I know Linux is not a supported platform, but at least until kernel with 5.0.5 (and some a bit older and newer), it worked like a charm for my XPS 13 with Linux!

This is when I wrote that small udev rule as a helper:

However, eventually since 5.1 (or a bit less, I didn’t take note unfortunately), it seems to be no longer detected. I had some pciport kernel errors at first, and today with the newer kernels, no messages.

While it still work well with the Mac, I will try to get a new thunderbolt cable to see if maybe it could be a cable issue.

Any ideas or thoughts around the community?

Thank you.


Hi Fred,

Thanks for posting!

As you mention, we do not support the TBT3-UDV with Linux systems. We will do our best to help point you in the right direction, however just to set honest expectations up front ultimately we may not be able to provide a solution.

That said, that the dock continues work properly with your Mac system would indicate that the dock hardware itself is working properly and to look elsewhere for the cause.

To that end, one quick way to isolate the behavior further would be to:

A. Temporarily remove the udev rule from the system.
B. Change the Thunderbolt security level within the System BIOS to ‘No Security’ from the default of ‘User Authorization’ (if not already). Example screenshot of this setting:

While not necessarily a solution, testing in the above manner will help rule out both the udev rule and the Thunderbolt security settings within the BIOS (and the host OS authentication process) as a contributor to the current behavior.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies