No lights. No viewing

Digital Viewer turns my laptop camera on. Settings shows USB Microscope. I tap apply but it doesn’t change a thing. I just keep looking at myself on camera which is becoming unpleasant. I have uninstalled and reloaded. Same results. And, of course, the microscope’s lights don’t come on. I have a Lenovo with Windows 10. Device Manager says the microscope is working properly.

Thanks for reaching out!

This is a common problem with Windows, sometimes UVC device names are mixed up because they use the same driver, and the API doesn’t identify devices by name, just a number.

Can you try selecting every available device in that “Devices” drop down menu? One of them should be the microscope, even if it’s named something different.

Son of a gun. It worked. Lenovo Camera. Apply. The microscope worked. Thanks, Sam.

No problem! Glad that helped. Please do reach out again if you hit any issues.