No ethernet connection/flaky wifi connection Surface Pro 4 and UD-3900 hub

I have a Plugable UD-3900 USB 3.0 hub and a Surface Pro 4. Both have been updated to the lastest versions (OS/drivers, ran cleaner, etc.). When I plug the Surface into the hub it will not recognize the ethernet connection (ethernet at hub is valid, works fine for other machines). Also, at times the Sureface will lose the wi-fi connection and then not be able to reconnect. I have to pull the Surface off the hub and reboot before it will reconnect to the wifi. I use to have a Surface Pro 2 and did not have any issues. Is this a Surface issue or a hub problem? Any ideas, thanks.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for posting! As you have already reached out to us via we’ll continue working we you directly. For anyone else following this thread, any time you connect a USB 3.0 device to your system (not just our products) there is a potential for interference as both devices operate within the 2.4GHz spectrum. In most cases the behavior can be mitigated by moving the the dock further away from the system itself or in some cases changing the frequency used by your wireless router. Richard has indicated that he has changed his frequency to 5GHz to see if the behavior changes.

Intel also has a more thorough technical whitepaper covering USB 3.0 interference for those that are interested ->…

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My problem self resolved. Thanks.