No audio Sound out put on Plugable pro 8 windows 10

Plugable pro8 with dell venue 8 pro No sound output . I was update my dell to windows 10 it’s turn out no audio sound output on the pluggable. test plugable pro8 on other computer everything is fine. anybody can help about driver issues ???


There is a known issue with the 32bit Windows 10 and the built in USB audio class drivers.

Try installing this driver manually and see if it corrects the issue:…


Dear Josh. thanks you very much for you reply but it doesn’t work.
I did download the driver from the main site show up correct as USB Multimedia audio device and having the indicate signal working every time I play audio but there is no sound out

Is this correct that the audio unit inside pluggable pro8 is CM6300 ??? . in my opinion we need to upgrade the driver for windows 10.


The CM6300 is correct. The driver we linked worked for us after updating to 10, please note a reboot is required before the driver takes effect.

Also you need to set the dock audio as the default playback device again.

Dear josh thanks you . Work after reboot . Problem solved have a nice day

Glad to hear!

For anyone else with this issue, we just wrote a blog post about the issue:…