New Spectre x360 w/ 2x USB-C

Been reading up on Plugable in my search for a new ultrabook as I wanted a strong docking option and I’ve been really impressed by you guys.

HP just released (within days) a new version of the Spectre x360 that has two type-c USB3.1 connectors with Thunderbolt. I would love to be able to use the Ultimate USB-C station (UD-ULTCDL) with this laptop but I surmise that you guys haven’t had a chance to test it or validate interoperability.

I’m totally willing to be a guinea pig (paying for the dock, of course) to work through compatibility! I’ve got a strong IT background and am not scared to uninstall/reinstall a bunch of times, make minor tweaks, upload debug files, whatever. HP is shipping to me in early November, is there someone I can work with?