New MacBook Pro not seeing monitor connected to UD-CAM

Good evening, everyone!

I’m new to both Plugable products as well as Mac computers, so you’ll have to bear with me. I just purchased a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar(2017), and am trying to set it up with the UD-CAM docking station. It’s connected to a Viewsonic monitor with an HDMI to DVI adapter cable, and I’m getting no video output whatsoever.

I’ve previously used this monitor connected to a Microsoft Surface Dock with a Mini-Displayport to DVI cable without issue for over a year. Can I get a hand here? What are some things I can check?


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for posting! Rather unusual behavior, as the dock doesn’t require drivers and should essentially “just work” on compatible systems like the MBP. We’ll be glad to help investigate.

Could you please collect and email over your System Report with the dock and display attached? (“Apple” menu in upper left menu bar -> About this Mac -> System Report -> File/Save)

Please email to with Ticket 215715 in the subject and we’ll have a look and see what the best next steps will be.


Well now I feel like an idiot. Right before pulling that System Report, I decided to double-check the connection. I unplugged the HDMI connector, and re-inserted…this time it went in further than before. The screen flickered to life, and all is well.

This one was user error, sorry for the confusion!

No problem whatsoever, glad things are now working as they should!

Hopefully all remains well, but if you do encounter any issues, feel free to send that System Report via email and we’ll be be glad to investigate.