Negligible Manufacturing- Plastic Case Broke: Not Enough glue

My Plugable USB Bluetooth device that I have been very satisfied has recently disappointed me. The description of the product promised me a device that was rugged and durable and could handle being taken in and out of bags, but I have found that out to not be true because in only about 2 months of light to average use of putting it in and out of my bag the outside shell of it broke off revealing to me that it was only secured by a negligible amount of glue that did not secure it enough for your claims in your description. !](](

Hi Zachary,

Thank you for contacting us about your Bluetooth adapter. I’m very sorry it came apart.

We have had some reports of this recently. The problem is actually not glue, but we think that it may have been caused by wear to the tool in the factory that holds the two parts together when they are bonded using ultrasound.

To avoid this, we have redesigned the plastic part to be much stronger. The cap is now a third part that completely covers the two side parts and holds them together mechanically. The redesigned units have just come off the assembly line, and should be shipping from Amazon soon. I will send you a redesigned unit as a replacement for your broken adapter.

To maintain your privacy on this public forum, could you please contact us at with your Amazon order number and your preferred shipping address? Please put “For Ticket #186957” in the subject line.

Thank you,

Plugable Support