neeep help

i just bought the usb plugable with 7 3.0 usb ports. i plugged power into outlet and usb into my computer. the plugable lights up for 1 second and turns off. i plug in all my usb items into it . it is not showing up onto my computer. my external harddrive which is connected to the plugable has power but it is not showing up onto my computer.

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for contacting us. We’ll be able to help.

Could you start by plugging in the hub and its power adapter, and a simple USB device (like a USB mouse or keyboard), and verify if that works?

If it doesn’t, could you email the .zip file generated by our debug tool to us at Here’s how:

Also include a link to this thread in the email.

With that, we’ll be able to see a bit of what’s wrong, and figure out next steps.

Thanks for your patience!

i plugged in my mouse and power to the mouse is on. i can tell because the laser at the bottom of the mouse is on but it is not functional. the hub gives power to all my usb products but i can’t open my external harddrives. i can’t transfer anything and nothing pops up on my laptop. the lights that are suppose to be blue are all off. are there any buttons that i am suppose to push or something? !](](

so i just did what you told me to do. i disconnected everything . i connected power supply to outlet. it has a solid green. then i plug in the power supply to the back of the hub. it flickered blue in all the ports for a second . then i plugged in my external hard drive, my usb drive. nothing comes up. there is power going in to the USB items but it still is not showing up on my computer. lights are still turned off. i wouldve though that the blue light was suppose to stay on if a usb item is plugged in its port… i bought the plugable hub on amazon brand new. all the ports give pwer. its pretty much just giving power to my usb items but there is no functionality with my laptop. is this a defective product? i have sent a zip plugable debug thing to joshua henry.


I’ve received the debug files and will be in touch soon.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know of other questions.

Thanks again for contacting Plugable support and best wishes!

Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies