My uga usb display adaptor doesn't work

hp dv7-2177cl; Intel Core 2 Duo - P7550 @ 2.26 GHz; 8 Gig Ram; Win 10 Pro 64 - v-1709

Bought this to get my other HP 27" curved monitor to work…it doesn’t. Tried two different cords and two different adapters. What’s odd is the green light blinks on the box when the mouse moves across the screen, but there is no image.

I have installed the latest drivers, two days ago, when I bought the product.

Yes…the monitor is plugged in. Yes…the video cord is plugged in. Yes…the monitor is turned on.

Thank you for posting.

As we discussed via email, it looks like the product you have, model BVU165, isn’t our product. It actually comes from Diamond Multimedia. Here is their support web page:

I hope this helps,

Plugable Support