my toshiba wont hook up??


can i use the plugable 3.0 usb vga adapter to plug my toshiba all in one LX835-d3220 desktop my LG 42 tv with rgb pc input


Hi Dennis,

Thanks for posting your question here, we’d be glad to help! I looked up the specs of the Toshiba all-in-one computer and it looks like it comes with a HDMI port. If possible, I would recommend using a direct HDMI connection from your LG tv to your PC. This would produce the best results as far as performance.

While the USB 3 VGA adapter should work in this scenario, it wouldn’t be ideal for gaming or video playback where there is very little tolerance for lag. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it over a direct HDMI connection.

Hope this helps.



the HDMI is input only not a output


Ah I see! I would be hesitant to recommend using USB graphic adapters if the primary purpose for the display is video playback, mainly due to performance concerns. In addition, another factor to consider is that for most touchscreen All-in-one systems, the touch technology will need to be disabled in a multiple monitor setup with other non-touch enabled displays.



i did that and did not work