My tablet will now longer connect to the internet with the adapter!

I have bought an Amazon fire 7 2017 and used the Plug able 2.0 to micro USB Ethernet Adapter to connect it to the internet. I have been using it successfully for the past 2 days. and then this morning it just stopped working when I unplugged the adapter. It hasn’t worked since then. All connections were fine until then. What is wrong with it?
The adapter still lights up when I plug it into the tablet…

Hi there,

Thank you for posting the question here. Could you contact us directly at, with your order ID (Amazon, or other channel’s), so that our support team can help?

It sounds the adapter was faulty, and if that the case we would be happy to send you a new replacement under our 1-year product warranty.

Thank you in advance for contacting us!

Plugable Technologies

Thank you for replying… Turns out the tablet was at fault not the adapter.
Many thanks