My Plugable UGA-2K-A adapter isn't working properly

I have a Dell M6300 running Windows XP version 2002 SP 3. I am unable to get my Displaylink to work. I have installed using the Rev 5.5M1_PL that came with the adapter, the update to the latest revision on the website, and the Rev 5.2 software that came with a display link my friend installed on his computer. All have installed (and I subsequently uninstalled each and reinstalled or reinstalled another version). Each time, the Display Properties window monitor icon window shows two active displays and an inactive display. There are 3 “Displays” in the drop down menu: The 2 monitors working off the VGA and DVI (which are shown as active monitors), and the “Plugable UGA-2K-A on Displaylink Graphics Adapter” (which is shown as an inactive monitor). With every version of the software I have tried, when I attempt to select the “plugable UGA-2K-A” monitor, check the box to “Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor”, and select “Apply”, the monitor remains inactive. My Plagable USB adapter has been tried on another computer and works (the one of the friend I obtained the Rev 5.2 Installation disk from. What do I do?

Hi John,

Thanks for posting the great detail here! We should be able to come to a conclusion quickly. From your tests, the hardware is working but something is going wrong software-wise on the Dell M6300 (which appears to have nVidia Quadro graphics)

Two first steps:

* Could you check if you have Dell’s most recent recommended nVidia drivers installed? For the M6300, here’s Dell’s updates page:…=

* If that doesn’t help, could you plug the adapter in, try to extend, and then run the DisplayLink support tool… and email the resulting .zip to

The nVidia graphics on this laptop are high-end but older. That unfortunately means there probably isn’t a big user base out there using them. We’re suspecting an interaction between the nVidia and DisplayLink drivers. Sometimes these can be fixed by a different nVidia driver version, but sometimes not. We’re hopeful we’ll be able to get it working, but wanted to set expectations that sometimes it’s a fundamental issue. Sorry.

Thanks for letting us know after those two steps … we’ll figure out next step.