My monitor only displays the wall paper screen with no other content.

I have downloaded current drivers, but my monitor only displays the wall paper screen without any current data from my laptop running Windows XP. What additional steps are necessary to display my data on my monitor?

Why is this not a problem? I just bought this unit and there is no help any where

For the benefit of anyone who is interested :

Gary had also sent us an email at when he posted this problem here. We responded immediately and figured out that he was new to multiple monitor behavior and did not know that when only the wallpaper is displayed on the external monitor, it means that Windows thinks that this monitor is in ‘Extend’ mode. What this means is that Windows considers the additional monitor as extra space to render the display.

For the external monitor to show the same display as on the laptop screen, it has to be set to ‘Duplicate’ mode.

Most users buy multiple monitors to be able to use them in ‘Extend’ mode. Hence, it is not a problem, but a different setting.

Hi karylancs,

Thanks for posting here! If you are only seeing the wallpaper like Gary and need help in setting the external monitor in ‘Duplicate’ mode, just post back here or shoot us an email at and let us know which version of Windows is currently installed on the system. I’ll be glad to help you with it.

If you have a different problem, please do create a new thread if you are posting here in our public forum. For any problems regarding any of our products, you have the option to either post on our public forum at or shoot us an email at and you will definitely get a response from us. We are here to help!