Moving all information from failing hard drive to new hard drive via docking station.

I have a hard drive about to fail. I have a new replacement hard drive and a docking station. How do I transfer all the failing drive information to the new drive via the docking station?

Hello Russell,

Thanks for contacting Plugable! Sorry to hear that your hard drive is failing.

Here are our getting started links for new hard drives and drives with existing data.

For new hard drives:…

For hard drives with existing data:…

Note that if the drive is failing there are certain scenarios where the data may become too corrupted to transfer. So we can’t guarantee that your drive will be healthy enough to back up in our dock if it was already having problems in another machine. You can reach us at if you hit any obstacles.

And of course if your hard drive had important data that you need to access urgently, we recommend that you contact a local computer repair shop or data recovery center first.

Thank you,
Plugable Technologies