Monitor not working with usb2.0 docking station


The plugable usb2.0 docking station has everything working, but the LG Flatron monitor. Monitor works great when I bypass the docking station. I need to get back to work, so I’m hoping you have a quick answer.


Hi Brendan,

Thanks for posting! We’ll be able to help

Was the monitor working previously with the dock, or has it not yet been configured? And what version of Windows (or other) are you running?

DisplayLink’s user manual is a great help for initial setup. Just head to the section for your OS. Here’s the PDF:

Thanks for letting us know!


Hi Bernie,

The monitor worked for a day after we connected the pluggable usb2.0 docking station, then there was a problem. The user needed to get some work done, so I bypassed the docking station for the past week. The new Toshiba Satellite is running Win 7 pro.

Any other ideas? I’m not seeing anything in the DisplayLink manual to fix this.



Hi Brendan,

Thanks for posting again. If you have a chance with the system (when the user won’t be impacted), the quickest way to get a picture of what might be happening is to generate DisplayLink support logs and email those to us at

Here’s how:…

With that, we should be able to figure out next steps to solve. Thanks!



I sent the log files as you requested. We need you to come through for us!



Hi Bernie,

I followed your directions for removing everything from the docking station, powering down, reconnecting everything and powering back up and it worked! I have hope this will work out well, but I also remember it worked for a day after I first installed it.

So far so good. Thank you for your help on this.

God bless,



Thanks for posting a wrap-up here, it’s a great help to others. Glad to have you up and running! Thanks for sticking with it to a solution!



It failed again. I need to return the device. The user is the owner of the company and he is not interested in playing around anymore. Do you help me with that, or do I need to talk to someone else?

Sometimes things just don’t work and I understand.

Please let me know how to return this item for a refund.

Thank you,



Hi Brendan - No problem, we understand! Just email your Amazon order # to, and a link to this ticket, and we’ll take care of it. If you’re within 30 days, we’ll get you the refund through Amazon, after 30 we’ll handle direct (via paypal or alternative). Thanks for your understanding! Bernie