Monitor freeze up


I have the following specs on a newly purchased laptop:

Dell Latittude
Windows 7 Enterprise SP1
64 bit 8GB RAM
Intel® i7
Display Adapter:
Intel® HD Graphics Family

Plugable UGA-125

When connecting my USB Display Adapter, the monitor freezes up, I went ahead and turned off windows Aero and that seemed to fix the issue. I tried to enable/disable “optimize for video” but that didn’t seem to have an effect.

For now I’m using the laptop with Aero off, but if there is a fix that would be great.

Thank you,


Hi Cal,

Thanks for posting your question here about the monitor freezing up, and thanks for posting all the great information about your setup. I’m surprised that disabling Aero helped, that is something we usually make sure is enabled to ensure best performance.

Can you tell me a little more about what exactly you were attempting to display on the external monitor when it would freeze?

Also, can you give me any more information about other programs that are running, particularly any others that are CPU intensive?

What make and model of display do you have, at what resolution?

Let me know about these few things and we’ll figure out our next steps.



So, I got this laptop last week, I used plugable with my old laptop and that worked with no issue. Here are the answers to your questions:

  1. Monitor: Dell 1907FP
  2. Resolution: 1280 * 1024
  3. There are no other CPU programs running, when I turn Aero on, simple the screen goes black with the mouse flashing.

Thank you,


Hi Cal,

I’d like to have you run the DisplayLink Support Tool at the link below, and email the resulting .zip file that it places on your desktop to

DisplayLink Support Tool

We’ll take a look and determine next steps.



Hi Jerome,
I think you sent me the wrong link, this link goes to Plugable-Prepaid-Return-Label.pdf :slight_smile:


Hi Cal,

Let’s try this again!!!

DisplayLink Support Tool

This is a link to (just in case)…


Hi Cal,

Once you have the support tool on your machine, send us the .zip file and we’ll get you fixed up.

Thanks for your patience and my apologies for the misdirection… : )