Monitor flicker issues. Sometimes it goes black.

Monitor flicker issues. Sometimes it goes black as if it has lost signal. Lenovo Yoga running Windows 10. Using USB-C docking station with 2 LG Ultra HD monitors. The one in question only shows an available Screen refresh rate of 50 Hertz, whereas the other ha several options ranging from 29 to 60 Hertz.

Hello Tom, thank you for posting! I am sorry to hear of this behavior and I will be happy to help.

Just to clarify, could you let us know the specific model number of the Lenovo Yoga and the LG UHD monitors you are using?

Also, would you happen to be using our UD-ULTCDL docking station? We offer a couple of different models so I would like to confirm the specific one you are using as the troubleshooting steps can be different.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies